Nonprofits and Governments

The Center for Rural Outreach and Public Services provides a variety of value-added services to nonprofits and governments such as community development consulting services, grant writing training and consulting services, and keynote speaking. A partial list of services is below, including a sample of list of clients for which CROPS Executive Director and/or Board Members have presented:

Community Development Consulting Services

Blight Transformation
Brownfield Remediation
Land Use Planning
Strategic Planning
Storm Water Management
Tourism Planning & Development
Trail System Support
Development Urban Food Systems

Grant Writing Training and Consulting Services

Capacity Building
Grant Research
Grant Writing
Grant Writing Training
Grants Office Development and Coordination
Program Design and Development
Grants Coaching
Grants Review and Edit

Youth Development Consulting Services

Growing Rural – Youth Led Rural Development
Growing Urban – Youth Led Urban Development
Growing SMART: Grant Writing for Teens
Digital Storytelling
Community Gardens
Youth Leadership in Public Health
Youth Leadership in Agriculture
Youth Leadership in Environmental Sustainability

Rural Healthcare Consulting Services

Diabetes Program Planning
Native American Health Grants
Rural Health Network Planning
Rural Health Network Development
Rural Health Network Implementation
Federally Qualified Health Centers
Food, Nutrition, and Fitness Program Planning
Electronic Medical Systems