Donors and Grant Makers

Your tax-deductible contributions help us achieve our mission to alleviate poverty in America by growing a new generation of leaders. While some of or work is supported by fees for service, such as consulting contracts, workshops, webinars and other revenue streams, we primarily depend on grants and individual donations for our youth development work. We are deeply grateful for the generosity of past grantors and individual donors that have supported our work. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude in advance for your continued support. Please make a gift to CROPS today.

Previous Grant Makers

Ball Brothers Foundation

CHS Foundation

Home Depot Foundation

Indianapolis Colts

Indiana Youth Institute

Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs
Kankakee Valley REMC – Operation Round-Up

Starke County Community Foundation

US Department of Health & Human Services - Administration for Children & Families

US Department of Health & Human Services – Health Resources Service Administration

US Department of Housing and Urban Development





List of all Donors

Alberding, Wayne & Marilyn
Amm, Bernita
Arndt, Jay & Barb
Art Circle Institute

Bailey, Connie & Hank
Ball Brothers Foundation
Bard, Elvira
Bickel, Randy & Buggs
Bluhm, Patricia
Bonnell, Edward & Jill

Campbell, LeRoy & Helen
Capouch, Don & Shirley
Cervenka, John & Sophie
Cervenka, Isabelle & William
Chesak, David & Mary
CHS Foundation
Clarke, Robert & Barbara
Cole, Julie
Cummins, Julalak & Harry E., III
Curtis, Robert & Elizabeth

Daly, Mary
Daly, Peggy
Darrol, Brenda & Robert

Eckert, Anne Marie
Eckert, Erna
Eckert, Pete

Germann, Dan & Irma
Gilmore, Chase
Goetz, Bud
Good, Dixie
Good, Mary
Greenwood, Margaret
Guffrea, Mildred
Gundlach, Helen

Hankey, Ruth
Healy, Rich & Gayle
Hickner, Doris
Hine, Pat & Larry
Holtz, Richard
Howard, Thomas & Ann

Indiana Office of Community & Rural Affairs
Indiana Youth Institute
Indianapolis Colts

Jelinek, Judy & Hank
Jones, Germaine
Jones, Monys
Jordan, Eleanor

Kalinke, Betty
Kalinke, James & Melodee
Kaminski, Henry & Mary
Kankakee Valley REMC
Kennedy, Jean
Kingman, Keith and Diane
Kingman, Richard
Kneisler, Catherine
Komarek, Ron & Judy
Kuchenburg, Cindy & Gary

Larry's Barber Shop
Lashley, Delores
Litschgi, Barbara
Livett, Janet

Machamer, Deb & Pat
McCarty, Lillian
McCullah, Marilyn
Memorial, Bob Eligneburg
Memorial, Herretta Sharritt
Memorial, Leo Boisvert
Memorial, Mary & Don Good
Memorial, Thomas Spenner
Memorial, Tom & Ardella Paulsen
Memorial, William & Florence Miller
Milo, Mark & Joy
Milo, Max & Angel
Milo, Mike
Milo, Mike & Dolly
Moser, Edna


Oliver, Jim & Rita

Paulsen, Ardella
Paulsen, Fred & Harriet
Paulsen, Skip
Pixey, Larry & Margie
Potempa, Chet & Peg
Prchlik Jean

Rausch, Barb & Steve
Rinehart, Dona
Robbins, Dawn

Sakal, Lary and Tracie
San Pierre Athletics
Santicola, April & Butch
Santicola, Beverly & Marc
Scamerhorn, Steve
Scholz, Lorene
Scholz, Raymond
Schrombeck, Jeffrey & Marla
Sharritt, Robert
Smisek, Elaine & Laddie
Smolek Farms, Emil
Smolek, Andrea and Don
Sonju, Virginia
Spear, Roy and Marsha
Spenner, Petrina
Starke County Community Foundation
Stellwagen, Gale
Sullivan, Thomas & Virginia
Switt, David

Tannehill, Mark & Jary
Tannehill, Mary Helen
Tannehill, Sarah
Theis, Clifford & Liz
Torsell, Tom & Mary

US Department of Health & Human Services
US Department of Housing & Urban Affairs
US Government Grants

Vanecek, Edna

Webb, Barb & Don
Wegner, Pat & Roger
Weninger, Marilyn & Don
Williams, Louise
Wobith, Jeannette G.

Zimmerman, Bruce & Karen